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Welcome to 2018! 

Happy New Year to you all!!
Thank you for your support and help with the songs for the Nativity.  The children sang SO well, didn’t they?  They also remembered the actions!!

The children are really good at learning and recalling the makaton signs each week.  Please check the “sign of the week” in the corridor, to help you to support your child at home.

There has been a lot of interest in the animals, following on from our small world snow scene.We have extended this by thinking about cold climates and the animals that live in these climates. The children have been enjoying the books about Inuits and how they live.

We are also concentrating on rhyming and rhythmic activities; in books, songs and small group work.  They have been using shakers at music and movement and using their bodies for body percussion. This links with the letters and sounds programme as mentioned in the newsletter.  You can continue this at home;  making up words to help them hear the sounds that rhyme; singing songs and rhymes like Peter hammers; wind the bobbin up.

Steph and Alex from Mini Movez are coming in on Monday 12th February, in the afternoon,  for a music and movement session.

We are planning a walk on Thursday 25th January-check your folder for the letter please.

We are continuing with our rhyme/song of the week, to support children’s learning and recall.
Week 1: “Peter hammers with one hammer”.
Week 2: Good morning little earthworm
Week 3: A sailor went to sea
Week 4: 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed
Week 5: Look at the terrible crocodile
Week 6: This is the way we lay the bricks

Until next time……………………………..