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Song Words

Songs/rhymes this half-term

Week 1 29.4.19

We all clap hands together.
We all clap hands together,
We all clap hands together,
That’s what we like to do.
We all stand up together……..
We all sit down together …………..
We jump up and down together…………
We stamp our feet together

Week 2 Poem 7.5.19

Tap your head,
And touch your toes,
Curl yourself up.
Like a garden hose.
Stretch on the ground,
like a wheelbarrow wide,
Stand up straight,
With your hands by your side

Week 3 Song 13.5.19  (use fingers to count down from 5 – 1) 

5 currant buns in a baker’s shop,
Round and fat, with a cherry on the top,
Along came ……………..(name) with a penny one day,
Bought a currant bun and took it away.
4 currant buns…….
3 currant buns…..
2 currant buns……
1 currant bun…..

Week 4 20.5.19 (To the tune of Sing a song of sixpence)

Sing a song of sunflowers (wiggle all five fingers),

Dancing in the sun (dance fingers around,

Their yellow heads are bobbing (bob fingers up and down),

Let’s count them one by one (point with the index finger of the other hand),

One, two, three, four, five (point to each sunflower finger while counting),

They grow so straight and tall (stretch arm up over head),

Waving heads towards the sun (wave finger to and fro above head)

They bow then, one and all (lower arm and make bowing motions with fingers).