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Hello everyone.

Here are some dates for your diary of events that will be taking place at pre-school throughout the year.


Coffee morning 5th October - the committee will be holding a coffee morning in the story room. Everyone is welcome.

8th and 10th October is pre-school photographs, Deborah Sier who many of you know will be coming into pre-school to take the photographs of the children.

19th October is our autumn walk. We will be walking from pre-school up Trapp Lane and crossing into the woods, where we walk a little way down and the children collect leaves. We really appreciate parent helpers on the day of the walk as we would not be able to take the children without your help. A letter will go out to everyone nearer the time.

21st October is provisionally the date for the pre-school disco further information to follow.

24th October - cake sale.

26th October break up for half term


5th November return to pre-school.

13th November is the progress meeting, where your child’s key person will discuss how your child is developing at pre-school. This is a really good opportunity for communicating information regarding your child to the key person and vice versa. We hope that you can attend. There will be a sheet on the story room door nearer the time for you to sign up to come to the progress meeting. However, if this date is not convenient, please see the key person to arrange a more suitable date and time.

24th November is our Christmas fair. Lots of stalls and activities for everyone. The fair starts at 10am and finishes at 1pm. We have Father Christmas, bric a brac, craft activities, refreshments and stalls.


11th December is the pre-school nativity, every year our children are amazing and we hope all of you enjoy the nativity.

21st December is the Christmas party a letter will be going out to everyone nearer the time also we break up for the Christmas holidays.

January 2019.

7th January return to pre-school.

22nd January is our winter walk. Again we ask for parent helpers and we will be walking down Knowle lane approximately half way down to the steps, up the steps, down Marsh House Rd turning right and down Hoober Rd, back onto Knowle lane and back up to pre-school. Your help is greatly appreciated when we take the children on the walks.


15th February break up for half term.

25th February return to pre-school.


21st March is a progress meeting a sheet will be put on the door of the story room for you to sign up.

The week beginning Monday the 25th March is our Mother’s Day shop. This is a fund raising event and the children really like choosing a gift for their mum or special person. In the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, parents and carers are asked to bring into pre-school in an envelope with your child’s name on it £2. Kath will buy a present for each child to choose a present in the shop. Nearer the time a letter will go out to everyone.


The Easter holidays are the first 2 weeks of April 1st to the 12th April. Pre-school returns on Monday 15th April for 4 days, Friday the 19th April (Good Friday) is a bank holiday. Also Monday the 22nd is also a bank holiday (Easter Monday). Pre -school starts on Tuesday 23rd April.

29th April for 1 week is our annual sponsored sports event. This is a fund raiser; the children go outside in small groups to do activities. Previously we have had mini Olympics and mini world cup. We haven’t decided what this year’s event will be a sponsor sheet and other information will go out nearer the time.

17th April is our spring walk. We walk up Trapp Lane and cross over Muskoka Drive and walk down the path to see the lambs the children really like talking about and looking at the lambs.


Monday 6th May is a bank holiday.

Friday 24th May we break up for spring bank holiday.

Return to pre-school on Monday 3rd June.


The week beginning the 10th of June we will be having our Father’s Day shop. This is a fund raiser and we do the shop in the same way as the Mother’s Day shop.  The children will be able to buy a plant pot and seeds to plant at home.

Wednesday 12th June - Transition meeting for our leavers. Sign up sheet is in the Story Room.


Monday 1st July is our summer stroll. We go the same route as the winter walk. 
Sunday 7th July - Disco at the Highcliffe Club, 11am to 1pm. £3 per ticket. (Tickets will be available soon).
Please sign up for party food to bring along to the disco.

We break up for the summer on the 19th July.

Thank you for your continued support. We really do appreciate the help especially on the walk.

Many thanks